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Our mission is to transform the lives of women living with chronic illness and invisible disabilities. We exist to unleash the potential of every woman who desires less stress, improved health, and who dares to live a kick-ass life despite health limitations.

A Lioness woman is the one that exists in all her glory being a courageous and empowering woman, ready to ROCK the world. While she is courageous and bold, at the same time she is highly aware of her responsibilities and faithful to them.

In Ancient Egypt, the face of the Lioness was on the goddess Sekhmet. She was as powerful as she was fierce. She was also a guardian of women and of those that had respect for women. Therefore, the Lioness tattoo is a symbol of femininity, motherhood, and courage.

Are you ready to become a Lioness Without Limits?

Claim your confidence, be your authentic self and become your own advocate

Generally incurable and ongoing, chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the total population of this country.

Conditions range from diabetes and lupus to fibromyalgia and Crohn’s disease. The severity of each individual’s condition varies, but the fear of stigma around illness means that people often prefer not to talk about this part of their lives, especially in their workplace. For ambitious career women, the fear of being seen as weak or incapable is only heightened, leaving women around the globe suffering in silence while trying to build a rich and fulfilled career and personal life.

Well, I’m here to tell you that times have changed.

You no longer have to hide your illness to be perceived as competent, talented, intelligent, or lovable. You have value, purpose and a unique offering that your chronic illness has been part of shaping. I work with women around the world to build a solid foundation of confidence, courage, balance, and mental fortitude. These are the building blocks with which you will learn to face your greatest fears and challenges so that you can finally live a joy-filled life and lead a prosperous career while managing your illness.

Crenée Salone

Crenée Salone

A Lioness Without Limits

Hi, I’m Crenée Salone..

A lupus warrior, speaker, storyteller, author, and your Chronic Illness, Women’s Empowerment, Resilience & Life coach. Most importantly, I am A Lioness Without Limits. I love empowering my clients to be their authentic selves and their most prominent advocates in every aspect of their lives. I see my entire life as one epic story, with every chapter leading me to where I am today. My goal is to help thousands of women actualize their bigger purpose with the confidence and tenacity of a lioness.

My superpower is finding joy in life even when happiness is not ever-present and helping others find their voice when limiting beliefs hold them back from speaking their truth. Life is worth living! I specialize in teaching others how to play the (proverbial) hand they are dealt (despite daily struggles) in their careers and lives with style, class, boldness, and dignity. People with chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities are some of the most significant contributors to society. I invite you to learn more about my story and what I have to offer as a coach and business consultant.

Sounds Like the Perfect Fit?


A new Generation of Women Leaders

I work with high-functioning professional women who suffer from chronic illness or invisible disabilities to build a new generation of women leaders who are their own advocates in the workplace and in their personal lives.


Facilitate Your Breakthrough.

If you’re a trend-setter, go-getter or all-round high-achiever with a chronic illness or invisible disability and you’re ready to harness your full potential and take the way you live to a brand new level, I’m excited to connect with you and facilitate your breakthrough.

How Does it Work?

I empower women to stand up for themselves and build kick-ass careers and lives despite living with chronic illness. I do this by administering the blueprint for the unshakeable confidence you will need to advocate for yourself, move forward with your life, pursue your goals and execute your plans for success.

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